In my course the WordPress Lead Machine I talk about getting local offline clients by joining local business networking meetings in your City.

At these meetings, most people will just hand out a business card at these groups in the hope, they will get calls for their services…

…and what do most people do when they receive a business card?

They take one look at it, and put it in their back pocket

I’ve got a far better strategy that is so deadly effective, you’ll have local business clients falling over themselves to take on your services.. I call it….

The Author(ity) Strategy

What about instead of handing out a business card, you gave local businesses a copy of your book, which cost you peanuts to get created..

Now I’m not talking about printing out a book from your computer and binding it together. I’m talking about a published hard copy book, with its own ISBN number..

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When I first starting doing SEO, I would try out nearly every tool on the market to research where my competitors got their backlinks.

The problem I encountered was that nearly all these tools pulled their data from Yahoo. Yahoo’s backlink data like Google’s is not extensive by any means, and finding all your competitors link sources back then was impossible.

Until now

Majestic SEO changes the game completely. I’ve been using this tool for a couple years now, but never really spoke about it.

With Majestic SEO, you just input a list of your competitors and youll be presented with the most comprehesive report of their backlink data it’s mind blowing.

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SEO takes effort, a lot of effort! Before you embark on any SEO campaign there are a couple of vitally important things that you should think about before you put in months of hard labor to optimize your site, write content, interact with your marketplace and build backlinks.

Failure to do this could see all your efforts completely wasted.

It’s amazing too me how many people jump head first into an SEO project without conducting thorough research of the market ahead of them and that thinking is…

Just plain stupid

I’ve been approached for many SEO projects in the past, and more often that not the client will say to me; ‘I want to be ranked Number 1 for “Keyword”, can you help me’?

The first thing I say is; ‘why do you want to be ranked for that?’

Their response almost always goes like this; ‘That’s what my competitors are ranked for and I want to beat them in the search engines…’

This thinking is plain *DUMB*

Before embarking on an SEO project, 99% of people forget two vitally important things – the importance of research and testing. Never, ever assume your competition has done thorough research and testing on the keywords you are going after.

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Is Reciprocal Linking Dead?

by Wesley Atkins

To this day I still hear the question asked on blogs, forums and even addressed in newsletters; Is reciprocal linking dead?

Here’s the truth!

The internet relies on links to and from websites. Period!

Google finds your website by crawling links on other websites and does this for the billions of other sites that exist online.

So in essence, reciprocal linking happens. If two similar businesses find each others products and services useful, then why not recommend each other on a resources page..Correct?

Nothing wrong there!

Now the reason reciprocal linking stopped working as well as it used too, is because people took it for granted that it was an easy way to increase the rankings on their site. Like most things on the web, where there’s a spammy way to exploit something, people go hog wild with it..

Therefore by sending out 50-100 link requests emails every day webmasters were easily able to obtain 10-15 links pointing back to your site every day, and back in 1999 this was the only strategy people used to get links.

…and it worked great!

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Before I start building links to any new site, I always make sure I get a boost to my domain by building some *high quality* trusted links first. This strategy has always worked pretty well for me in the past as I focus on getting highly trusted links to my domain instead of tons of low quality links.

When starting to promote a new website, most people will just outsource their directory submissions to some lame company that will submit your site to hundreds or even thousands of directories for the small fee of just $15.

However, I don’t recommend you do this. If your site is new and all you do is mass submit your site to tons of low quality directories, then you are heading for the dreaded Google Sandbox.

…and it’s a lonely place to be 🙂

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Back in 2004, Traffic Equalizer was released to the market. If your not familiar with Traffic Equalizer then it was basically a simple piece of software that would scrape content from the internet and build websites for you automatically, based on the keywords you input it with.

At first I completely glanced over it in disgust of being another scam…

However, a few friends in the IM market were saying how successful the system is for getting top rankings in Google pretty quickly for 1000’s of keywords, and I saw the proof of their income.

Now, I was pretty happy building my content websites back then, but …

I couldn’t help myself to try it out

So, against my better judgement I jumped in with both feet at the beginning of 2005.

I quickly established a routine for cranking out about 50 websites with this thing everyday. I even went as far as creating a step by step blueprint in PDF that I hung on my wall in front of me, so I didn’t forget the process…

(I was an advocate of the E-myth by Michael Gerber 😉

…and with a little blog and ping magic, I was ranking on the front page for a good majority of the keywords this thing cranked out in just under 48 hours.

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There are quite literally millions of article directories out there that you can submit your articles to. However, you get the best bang for your SEO buck by hand selecting the best article sites to submit your articles.

Here is my favorite list of article directories that I submit articles to:

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Coming soon…

by Wesley Atkins

I’ve been working exclusively for the last 10 years building affiliate sites for my company LeadsClick and doing SEO for major corporations. Recently, I’ve decided to offer consulting services to those that are struggling online.

I’ve also decided to launch a number of SEO & internet marketing related guides as I feel I’ve learnt so much from the IM community, that now its time to help others achieve financial independence…

Oh, and I’ll be blogging a little along the way. 🙂

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