Before SEO – What To Do Before Starting Any SEO Project

by Wesley Atkins

SEO takes effort, a lot of effort! Before you embark on any SEO campaign there are a couple of vitally important things that you should think about before you put in months of hard labor to optimize your site, write content, interact with your marketplace and build backlinks.

Failure to do this could see all your efforts completely wasted.

It’s amazing too me how many people jump head first into an SEO project without conducting thorough research of the market ahead of them and that thinking is…

Just plain stupid

I’ve been approached for many SEO projects in the past, and more often that not the client will say to me; ‘I want to be ranked Number 1 for “Keyword”, can you help me’?

The first thing I say is; ‘why do you want to be ranked for that?’

Their response almost always goes like this; ‘That’s what my competitors are ranked for and I want to beat them in the search engines…’

This thinking is plain *DUMB*

Before embarking on an SEO project, 99% of people forget two vitally important things – the importance of research and testing. Never, ever assume your competition has done thorough research and testing on the keywords you are going after.

Why would you waste 3-6 months of your time embarking on a SEO project before you know the keywords you are trying to rank for will bring you:

1. Profit

2. Traffic

The only way you will find out the above two is by conducting thorough research and testing of your markets keywords.

1. Firstly you need to use the Google keyword research tool and get a list of your markets keyword. I’ve used nearly all of keyword research tools online and there’s absolutely no need to use anything other than the FREE Google Keyword Tool. Anyone who tells you otherwise is only after an affiliate commission or a sale of their latest keyword software.

Just use Google, their data is better than anyones

2. You will need to input a few keywords for your market, or your competitors URL and Google will throw back a list of relevant keywords and synonyms, this allows you to see traffic volume, trends, CPC costs and Adwords competition – all vitally important data.

You can also use a really cool tool called; Google Insights. This tool gives a unique overview of keywords by showing you the country, city and state regions of where those queries originated – this is powerful stuff in the right hands!

3. The next thing you should do is test a batch of keywords that you uncovered from using the Google keyword tool using Google Adwords.

Why? — Because you can test your markets keywords quickly with PPC – often in one day. Doing so will uncover what the conversion rate and profit projections for this keyword are. Only then, once you know a keyword will produce you traffic and profits, should you endeavor to optimize your website for those keywords in the organic listings.

Why waste your time and money otherwise

Conclusion: Test your markets keywords first with with PPC. Identify which terms will bring you the most profit and work on optimizing those keyword first to bring you the most profit in the shortest time possible.