Best SEO Directories – The Top 7 Link Directory Sources

by Wesley Atkins

Before I start building links to any new site, I always make sure I get a boost to my domain by building some *high quality* trusted links first. This strategy has always worked pretty well for me in the past as I focus on getting highly trusted links to my domain instead of tons of low quality links.

When starting to promote a new website, most people will just outsource their directory submissions to some lame company that will submit your site to hundreds or even thousands of directories for the small fee of just $15.

However, I don’t recommend you do this. If your site is new and all you do is mass submit your site to tons of low quality directories, then you are heading for the dreaded Google Sandbox.

…and it’s a lonely place to be 🙂

So here are the only directories that I submit my sites too. All have good PR and very good cache dates..

Dmoz – Although it is near impossible to get your site listed at Dmoz these days, its still worth submitting to as this directory is free and is owned by Google. One of the best links you could possibly get.

Yahoo Dir – They charge a $299 annual fee to list your site which even though they tell you otherwise, will get refunded if your site is rejected. Even at this price I highly recommend this directory due to the big boost of link juice. You get listed in all regional directories of Yahoo too, which will give you a bunch of good links.

Best Of The Web – This is my 3rd favourite directory t submit your site too. They charge $99.95 to list your site per year or $249.95 as a one-time review fee. Excellent PR and good cache dates make this a top directory to get into.

Go Guides – This has been a good directory for some time, they charge a $40 listing fee but worth every penny. You can also get in for free as an editor.

Joe Ant – Same as GoGuides, free for editors and $40 fee to list your site, again a very worthy directory.

Skaffe – Originally built from the GoGuides platform, this is also a pretty good directory that charges a $40 listing fee.

Gimpsy – A web directory with a little difference as its verb based. Still very good place to list your site for link juice – again a $40 listing fee.

Note: Should my opinion on any of the above directories change, I will update this list.