by Wesley Atkins

Are you constantly searching for a way to make money online?

Are you sick of all the hype and false promises?

If so.., then listen up!

It’s a sad fact that most people trying to make money online, simply don’t know who to trust or where to turn..

The fact is 99% of new online businesses fail…

Sorry to be so blunt…, but it’s true.

I Was Once In Your Shoes

I was an early odopter and started building affiliate sites in 1999. I went years not knowing what I was doing and spending all my time and money buying and reading product after product about how to do internet marketing.

The only thing I seemed to be good at back them was SEO and building the websites… (I’m pretty sure I’ve got OCD, so my sites were pretty good!)

…and you know where it got me?


Ok, well that’s not entirely true… The first website I setup online was in November of 1999, and it made around $300 per month…, you may be thinking, well that’s not bad for your first website..

But… I wanted an income I could rely on, a job killing income I could support my family on…

…and let me tell you, I put so much effort into that website, it took me a year to get to that level, but I just could not scale it up from there…

To be honest, I just did not know how to put all the pieces together with what I’d learnt, and turn it into a scaleable income..

I didn’t know it back then, but I was missing a vital piece of the puzzle..


You may be thinking I’m going to preach on at you about having goals and writing down what you want, then saying it over and over to yourself every morning and evening so your subconscious get’s the mesasge… and all that junk… Not my style!!

You got me wrong..

My mindset back then was, I just want to make money.. How do I make money, money… money!!

If you approach internet marketing with this mindset, you’ll quickly become frustrated and broke… trust me, I’ve seen it happen to more of my online friends than I care to remember..

So what is the right mindset?

It took me a long time to figure this out.. But you need to…

Deliever Value First – Income Will Follow…

If all you want to build is a website that generates $10 per day and you want to make 100 of them, this coaching is not for you…

I used to do this myself, and learned a very harsh lesson about not delivering value…

It’s a short sighted approach!

Let me ask you this?

How many people do you know that setup an offline business that generates $10 profit per day and owns 50 businesses… without a care in the world of delievering value to their customers?

Want to know how to make a sustainable living online?…

Follow Your Passion!

Unless you get clear in your mind exactly where your passion lies, you’ll more than likely not succeed..

It took me years to finally figure out where my true passion lies…

…and I don’t want to see you go thorough the same struggles many others do that for some reason seem to forget this lesson..

What would your perfect day look like, if you could do anything that you wanted?

I bet is does not revolve around building websites for income online huh?

At the moment, your online efforts feel more like a day job, correct?

Who wants another job?

Certainly not me..

Since I’ve been following my passion in life, I am finally happy in what I am doing… I don’t see what I do as a day job.. I love what I do…

…and it’s as close to my perfect day as I can get sitting at home in front of my computer…

…Because I follow my passion.

Let Me Help You Uncover Yours

The funny thing is, a lot of people don’t really understand where their true passion lies..

I was one of them,.. I like playing golf, love dogs… love going out to dinner, oh, I like computers… and…errm… I like… blah, blah..

That’s exactly what I would say to myself when I wanted to uncover where my passion lies,..

Back then though, I didn’t know what I would be happy to write about all day, make blog posts about, interact with my marketplace on,.. I just didn’t know..

When I finally figured it out….years later… I’ve never been happier

…and it’s a great feeling to finally get clarity on your goals and how you’ll get there..

Now I’ve uncovered a ‘foolproof’ way to discover where anyones passion lies, and it works like a charm…

Here’s my formula for…

Success = Clarity, Passion, Focus, Determination, and a structured plan of action to reach your goals..

Please, read that again!

It took me years to figure out that I needed each one of those to build a sustainable business online, that works… for the long haul!

…I can help you with each one..

Building websites to bust out a living online is no fun..

Building sites and content around your passion and Interacting with those that share the same passions as you…on a daily basis… is fun!..

…and statistically, you’re more likely to stick with it and have the determination you’ll need to see it through!

Limited Consulting Spots Are Currently Available

If you decide to sign up for specific, one-on-one coaching with me today, I’ll contact you shortly after and schedule a time that suits us both..

You’ll call a conference line, your call will be recorded and you’ll be able to see my computer screen, so can look over your website (if you have one) and talk you though everything in clear, easy to understand examples.

Understand this; I value my time very highly!

A full hour of my time is $200. And everyone gets my best advice..

Nothing Is held back…

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been around the block a bit 😉

So aside from giving you a solid action plan to reach your goals, here is what I can help you with in your business.. If you have an existing one..

* SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
* Advanced Link Building Strategies
* WordPress Site Building
* Affiliate Marketing
* Conversion Rate Optimization
* Lead Generation
* Traffic Generation
* Social Media

Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing

If after 15 minutes on your first call with me, your not
happy for any reason and think I cannot help you in anyway whatsoever, we will part as friends and you’ll get 100% of your money back..

If after 15 minutes you think I can help you, then we’ll continue for the next 45 minutes… Giving you a solid action plan to reach your goals online…

How many coaching programmes do you know that offer a guarantee like that?

The reason I’m doing this is because I can put my hand on my heart and honestly say that I’ve learnt some harsh lessons in this game and I know I can put you on the right path …

Here’s How To Secure Your Spot

Honestly.. I cannot gurantee you’ll get a spot.. and no, this is not some marketing hype… the truth is…

I’m extremely busy following what I preach, so I can’t guarantee you a spot when you contact me.

Update: November 5th, 2010 – 2 Spots Remaining!

If you feel this is for you, just send fill in the following form and I’ll shoot over a payment link to you once I’ve received your details..

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Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck..

Internet Marketing Consultant

P.S. You have absolutely nothing to lose because of my unique 100% money back guarantee and when you consider you’ll discover how to build a solid business online, this should be a real no-brainer! So contact me today!

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