Majestic SEO – Unbeatable Competitor Backlink Research

by Wesley Atkins

When I first starting doing SEO, I would try out nearly every tool on the market to research where my competitors got their backlinks.

The problem I encountered was that nearly all these tools pulled their data from Yahoo. Yahoo’s backlink data like Google’s is not extensive by any means, and finding all your competitors link sources back then was impossible.

Until now

Majestic SEO changes the game completely. I’ve been using this tool for a couple years now, but never really spoke about it.

With Majestic SEO, you just input a list of your competitors and youll be presented with the most comprehesive report of their backlink data it’s mind blowing.

Not only that, but you can break down the reports by anchor text, which makes reverse engineering their rankings a whole lot easier.

In addition to this, the one thing I find most helpful is something they call…

Source ACRank

Instead of having to manually evaluate whether your competitor links are high quality, and which ones are worth your time in obtaining, Majestic SEO gives it to you on a *silver platter*.

Just sort the column by ACRank and before you, you’ll have a sorted list from 10-1 in a descending column. 10 being the highest quality link and 1 being a low quality link.

Now by no means am I doing this software justice with this short review, but if you are serious about SEO, then I highly recommend you…

Check this tool out

I’m not the kind of person to choose an affiliate commission over a solid recommendation, but Majestic SEO gets my strongest vote of avaiable SEO tools on the market..

..and no, they don’t have an affiliate program; so I make no commission in telling you about this.