Top 10 Best SEO Article Directories

by Wesley Atkins

There are quite literally millions of article directories out there that you can submit your articles to. However, you get the best bang for your SEO buck by hand selecting the best article sites to submit your articles.

Here is my favorite list of article directories that I submit articles to:

1. EzineArticles
2. IdeaMarketers
3. GoArticles
4. WebProNews
5. ArticleDashboard
6. ArticleCity
7. Article Alley
8. Amazines
9. Articles Factory
10. Buzzle

I never liked the idea of automation software that spits out your article to 600+ sites. You will get no benefit from those links for SEO as most of the pages will be in the supplemental index, as caused by duplicate article content. Moreover, on a new domain, mass submitting your articles to every corner of the web will only see your site end up in the Google Sandbox.

My favorite article strategy has always been to hand select and hand submit to only the most authoritative sites in Google’s eyes.

The thing is, if you make sure your articles are of extremely high quality (your best work) then they will get picked up from the likes of EzineArticles by other webmasters and syndicated around the internet.

That’s a leverage strategy and that can be ‘pretty powerful’ where link building is concernced.