How To Get Prospective Clients Falling Over Themselves To Hire You!

by Wesley Atkins

In my course the WordPress Lead Machine I talk about getting local offline clients by joining local business networking meetings in your City.

At these meetings, most people will just hand out a business card at these groups in the hope, they will get calls for their services…

…and what do most people do when they receive a business card?

They take one look at it, and put it in their back pocket

I’ve got a far better strategy that is so deadly effective, you’ll have local business clients falling over themselves to take on your services.. I call it….

The Author(ity) Strategy

What about instead of handing out a business card, you gave local businesses a copy of your book, which cost you peanuts to get created..

Now I’m not talking about printing out a book from your computer and binding it together. I’m talking about a published hard copy book, with its own ISBN number..

Few people know about this, but you can actually get a book published with its own ISBN number and sent to you as a proof.

…and you can order as many copies of your own book as you like for under $4 per copy, printed and shipped to your door.

Once local businesses get a copy of your book instead of your lame business card, you’ll have them begging to work with you… I guarantee it!

With a company called CreateSpace (A joint company of Amazon) this is all made possible..

Here’s how to take full advantage of this opportunity..

Step 1: Write a 24 page PDF covering how local businesses can increase their profits with the internet..

If you’ve never written a PDF guide before it’s not nearly as difficult as you think.

I will typically create my outline in a mindmap of the chapters and then expand them with talking points that I want to cover branching from the chapters..

Then you just need to fill in the gaps and write a few hundred words on each talking point in the PDF guide you create.

Other than this, you can just acquire PLR rights to an internet marketing guide and then adapt it for local businesses… Really, it’s not that difficult!

IMPORTANT: Make sure at the end of the book you have a way for people to contact you for your services.

Step 2: Create an account at:

Step 3: Follow along with the instructions on there about how to upload your PDF and create a graphic for the cover.. (They do it all for you with point and click

Step 4: Get a proof sent to you and then order 10 copies of your own book shipped to your home…

…hand them out and your next local business networking group and see their reaction for yourself..

Step 5: Thank me later…

If you want to learn about the perfect front end product to offer prospective clients, click here.

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Karl Steinmann

This is an incredibly powerful strategy I’ve used before with various business groups here in the U.S.: BNI, Chamber of Commerce, Meetup groups, etc.

You’re absolutely right, Wesley. When you hand out a business card, nobody cares. However, when you handout A BOOK people are very, very impressed. Gobsmacked, even.

Another suggestion. When you’re speaking to a group, give away something of value!

I like to give a way a FREE MARKETING CONSULTATION, because you are virtually guaranteed to get names of influential people who actually need your help. Most companies that *have* websites aren’t doing anything with them… and many still don’t have a website at all, much less a proper one. They will also know lots of other people who need your help.

What I do is collect the business cards of those who are interested (which is usually just about everyone) and then “randomly” award a winner later. I usually do a little research to A) see who needs my help the most, and B) who is most likely to appreciate it and refer me to others.

But in any event, you’ve now got 10, 20, 30 (etc.) more qualified, targeted leads who will already know who you are.

If you don’t have enough books, you can also use the “collect business cards” trick to follow up with those who want one.

Good stuff, as always, Wesley. Thanks! 🙂



A friend of mine is doing this exact strategy to very good results

I think the key thing is choose a strategy that fits you and stick to it
if you try that one thing for at least 6 months you will see results
good post my friend.



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