Why I Gave Up $22,857.58 A Month In Adsense Earnings To Follow My Passion!

by Wesley Atkins

Back in 2004, Traffic Equalizer was released to the market. If your not familiar with Traffic Equalizer then it was basically a simple piece of software that would scrape content from the internet and build websites for you automatically, based on the keywords you input it with.

At first I completely glanced over it in disgust of being another scam…

However, a few friends in the IM market were saying how successful the system is for getting top rankings in Google pretty quickly for 1000’s of keywords, and I saw the proof of their income.

Now, I was pretty happy building my content websites back then, but …

I couldn’t help myself to try it out

So, against my better judgement I jumped in with both feet at the beginning of 2005.

I quickly established a routine for cranking out about 50 websites with this thing everyday. I even went as far as creating a step by step blueprint in PDF that I hung on my wall in front of me, so I didn’t forget the process…

(I was an advocate of the E-myth by Michael Gerber 😉

…and with a little blog and ping magic, I was ranking on the front page for a good majority of the keywords this thing cranked out in just under 48 hours.

So why did I give it up

Now don’t get me wrong, I was pretty happy with the results of my adsense earnings back in 2005, and it literally took around 10 weeks of building sites to get to that income…

I thought. It can’t be this easy… something’s not right!

Then my income started to slide.. and it made me realise that as a business model, building mass sites like this…

Is totally flawed

..Sure, I knew that before I got into using the system, but the income was too tempting to turn it down.

Since that bumper payday, the returns started to drop, until a few months later,

Practically Nothing!

Now, at that time I still had income from my other affiliate sites and doing SEO for other companies, but I felt the pain of others using the system.

…Everyone was in the same boat

In a matter of weeks, the online forums were ablaze with people screaming for help.

Some even went as far to secure mortages on the basis of their adsense income — OUCH!

Moving forward to 2010

People are still using variations of the same plan, building mass sites and trying to make a small return from each one.

Heck, I had over 1200 domains registered back then.

If I got into the game as soon as this software was released, I could have easily done a 100k in a single month.

Anyway, what this made me realise is that…

There’s no sustainability in building mass sites

Sure, there are some really smart people doing doing autoblogging everyday that continue to make money from it, but the problem is, Google are on a constant quest to produce the highest quality search results online.

..otherwise their reputation is ruined.

…then their billion dollar market share starts to fall like my adsense income did.

The thing is, people who still do this today, have to keep getting smarter and smarter to keep gaming the system.

..and Google has more spending power and eventually they will catch on to the latest techniques.

It’s a constant game of Cat and Mouse

Since my income completely dropped, I’ve changed my mindset and instead completely put my focus on building sites, I can be proud of..

Waking up one morning and seeing all my income drop like a stone does not sit too well with me…

Is following your passions really the way to make money online?


There’s always been debates about what market should I get into online and always will be..

Since I’ve been following my passions, I have way more clarity in my business than ever before.

Building a sustainable business that you can be proud of is like nothing else.

Let me ask you this?

Do you like your current day job?

99% of people absolutely hate their day job.

If you don’t follow your passions online and just want to build mass sites with the monetary reward in sight, then all you are doing is giving yourself another day job…

Here is what I live by now

Success = Clarity, Passion, Focus, Determination and a solid plan of action to reach your goals..

…and since I’ve been following my passion, I have all the above, and it’s a great feeling, let me tell you.

Do you have information overload by learning all this IM stuff?

Do you struggle with coming up with a solid plan of action for your business?

Do you sit at your computer browsing sites all day and not getting any work done?

Are you fed up of ploughing all your hard earned money into products that produce zero results?

Then listen up…

If you want to learn how to uncover your passion…

…build a customer relationship business you can be proud of, that get’s talked about and shared online…

…while building an income for yourself, with a solid plan of action, then I have around 2 spots available in my coaching programme and would love to work with you to achieve your goals.

Your 2 feet away from success and don’t even know it…